Anesttea Janiis



HIGH CONCEPT: Long Lived Asari Matriarch

TROUBLE: Deep Spiritual Ennui

Embrace Eternity

Natural Grace and Mobility

Powerhouse Biotic


  • SUPERB (+5): .
  • GREAT (+4):
  • GOOD (+3): Focus
  • FAIR (+2): Flair, Force
  • AVERAGE (+1): Guile, Haste
  • Mediocre (+0):



  • Natural biotic (Asari may replace up to 3 different Class Facts with ones from the Adept Class on a 1 for 1 basis)
  • Robust cellular regenerative system (live up to 1000 years)
  • Can see into the Ultra-violet spectrum
  • Mono-gendered species
  • Able to link minds in a limited fashion Telepathically


Weapon & Armor Training: Heavy Pistols, Submachineguns, Light Armor
  • WARP – Warp spawns a mass effect field that damages enemy targets and stops health regeneration. It can detonate any biotic powers affecting the target, such as Pull or Singularity.
  • THROW – Throw uses mass effect fields to hurl targets away, damaging them if they hit an object. No effect on shields.
  • SHOCKWAVE – The power sends out a series of explosive biotic impacts in front of the player ignoring any obstacles.
  • SINGULARITY – The power launches a dark energy sphere to create an intense mass effect field. The field creates a warp in the space around it, creating a gravity well akin to a black hole. Enemies are drawn into the Singularity and held briefly helpless in orbit while protected enemies are held in place. No effect on shielded opponents. No effect on shields.
  • PULL – Pull generates a mass-lowering field, which levitates enemies into the air. While aloft, enemies will slowly drift towards the player, allowing any allies or the player to finish them off effortlessly. No effect on shields.
  • BARRIER – Reinforce armor with this biotic field. Detonate the field to lift and dangle nearby targets.



Technique: Exceptional, Situational (Only with Biotics), Situational (Create Advantage only)

Gain one extra free invoke after successfully Creating Advantage using your biotic powers.

NATURAL BIOTIC (-1 Refresh):

Exceptional, Situational (Create Advantage with Biotics) Limited (Once per scene)

Once per scene, when invoking an Aspect created through biotics the bonus is +3 instead of +2.


Device: Exceptional, Demanding x1 (One action), Situational (only if doesn’t take more stress)

A Biotic Barrier must be Overcome with a difficulty of +4 before Stress or Consequences can be applied. To recharge a Biotic Barrier that has been Overcome take a full action and do not suffer any stress for a full exchange. Biotic barriers use mass effect fields to protect a user from damage similar to that of a kinetic barrier, but with some unique characteristics. Warp, Shockwave, and rapid firing weapons are best at bringing down a Biotic Barrier and can be invoked to do so.



Technique: Exceptional (attack all enemies in a zone), Situational (when invoking a biotic effect), Situational (only with Detonator Powers)

When attacking an enemy and invoking a Biotic Aspect placed on them with a Source Power (I.E. Singularity, Warp or Pull) using a Detonator Power (I.E. Throw or Shockwave) you cause a powerful explosion affecting all enemies in a zone. Biotic Combos cause a wave of biotic force that damages and knocks back enemies.

UNSTABLE WARP: (-1 Refresh)

Technique: Harmful 2, Situational (Requires Biotic Combo)

When attacking an enemy and invoking a Biotic Aspect placed on them with a Unstable Warp using a Detonator Power (I.E. Throw or Shockwave) you cause a powerful explosion affecting all enemies in a zone doing an additional Weapon 2 damage to them. Increases the blast damage when Warp detonates biotic effects.







Anesttea Janiis was a well regarded and powerful matron who was always engaged with the universe around her. She worked closely with Morat Ledra, a Salarian Specter with a reputation for solving problems before anyone realized they were there. Over the centuries though her involvement began to take it’s toll. She entered into a deep malaise that was beyond mere depression and Morat began to fear for her life. To help her he introduced the ancient Asari Matron to a young, passionate biotic who had been experimented on by Cerberus named Egan. Anesttea was a calming influence and the two formed a very deep friendship, much to her surprise. She found the young man’s passion infectious and slowly she began to push back on the existential crisis she faced just as hoped. She recognized the signs that Egan had fallen madly in love with her and was in the midst of trying to decide what to do about it when she was killed along with Morat by a booby trap left at an old Cerberus space station. The matron managed to use a biotic shield to hold back the powerful explosions while Morat desperately disconnected the station’s power core from the overloading systems buying the crew of the Athame enough time to escape. They did not have much time to grieve as they were chased out of the system by pirates.

Anesttea Janiis

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