HIGH CONCEPT: Brash Untrained Human Adept

TROUBLE: Cerberus’ Most Wanted

Shady Past

Lost Love

Something to Prove


  • SUPERB (+5):
  • GREAT (+4): Force
  • GOOD (+3):
  • FAIR (+2): Focus, Guile
  • AVERAGE (+1): Flair, Haste
  • MEDIOCRE (+0): Intellect



  • Genetically Diverse
  • Robust physiology
  • Adaptable and Driven


Weapon & Armor Training: Heavy Pistols, Submachineguns, Light Armor
  • WARP – Warp spawns a mass effect field that damages enemy targets and stops health regeneration. It can detonate any biotic powers affecting the target, such as Pull or Singularity.
  • THROW – Throw uses mass effect fields to hurl targets away, damaging them if they hit an object. No effect on shields.
  • SHOCKWAVE – The power sends out a series of explosive biotic impacts in front of the player ignoring any obstacles.
  • SINGULARITY – The power launches a dark energy sphere to create an intense mass effect field. The field creates a warp in the space around it, creating a gravity well akin to a black hole. Enemies are drawn into the Singularity and held briefly helpless in orbit while protected enemies are held in place. No effect on shielded opponents. No effect on shields.
  • PULL – Pull generates a mass-lowering field, which levitates enemies into the air. While aloft, enemies will slowly drift towards the player, allowing any allies or the player to finish them off effortlessly. No effect on shields.
  • BARRIER – Reinforce armor with this biotic field. Detonate the field to lift and dangle nearby targets.



Exceptional, Limited (Once per Session)

Genetic engineering at an invasive level: expanding mental and physical capabilities, neural responses, and even the addition of biotic controls. Once per session add a +1 to any roll (this must be announced before the roll).


Technique: Exceptional, Situational (Only with Biotics), Situational (Create Advantage only)

Gain one extra free invoke after successfully Creating Advantage using your biotic powers.


Device: Exceptional, Demanding x1 (One action), Situational (only if doesn’t take more stress)

Biotic barriers use mass effect fields to protect a user from damage similar to that of a kinetic barrier, but with some unique characteristics. First a Biotic Barrier must be activated taking a full action before it is available. Once activated a Biotic Barrier must be Overcome with a difficulty of +4 before Stress or Consequences can be applied. Warp, Shockwave, and rapid firing weapons are best at bringing down a Biotic Barrier and can be invoked to do so. To recharge a Biotic Barrier that has been Overcome take a full action and do not suffer any stress for a full exchange.


HEAVY THROW: (-1 Refresh)

Technique: Harm +2, Situational (only against a wall)

Fling a single enemy with unparalleled momentum, smashing it against walls with hurricane force.


Technique: Focus +2, Situational (only to Create )

Gain +2 when using Singularity to Create the Advantage “Floating Helplessly” to targets not protected by shields or barriers. Your singularity sphere can hold enemies helpless for a long period


Device: Focus +2, Situational (only to Overcome Shields)

MEA_Weapon_SubmachineGunM9Tempest.pngBecause of their rapid firing rate Submachineguns provide a +2 to Overcome a target’s Shields.

This submachine gun fires in long deadly bursts. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers. Inaccurate at long range. Weak against armor.








Egan always knew he wasn’t wanted. It’s what the boys at his orphanage all believed of themselves. It’s what the marks he pick pocketed from at the Omega docks thought as they spit in his face. Most importantly, it’s what Thaisen; the orphanage’s overseer told him every night as he counted the boys’ daily haul. He learned very early on that all that really mattered was what he wanted, and he learned even quicker how to get it. Under Thaisen’s tutelage he soon graduated from petty thievery to smuggling, terrorism and slave running. Thaisen also taught them that every thing they stole, everything they had was the property of their benefactors at Cerberus. While on a smuggling run in his early years, Egan and his fellow crew were exposed to a high amount of Ezo. Surprisingly he did not die a slow and horrible death like everyone else. When Thaisen recovered him, half starved and delirious, it became clear that Egan’s nascent biotic talents had absorbed the Ezo and awakened as a result. He was quickly re-assigned to a Cerberus training facility in the Attican Traverse where he began his training. For years he was pitted against fellow students, aliens and monsters of all stripes, his rage deepening and fueling his powers.


When Cerberus became focused on the Reapers to the exclusion of all else, Egan was re-assigned to Sanctuary. It was there that he was assigned to a security detail. When Shepherd assaulted the facility, Egan was forced to face the truth of what Cerberus really was. He fled in a shuttle with a few dozen colonists and deserting Cerberus personnel. Faced with the encroachment of the Reapers on all sides, Egan decided the Citadel was likely the safest place to blend in and fall off Cerberus’ radar.

GUEST STAR: Xantos vas Athame

It didn’t take long for him to land back in hot water. At a bar on the station; Egan’s learned patterns of racism landed him in hot water with a large group of alien mercenaries. When the dust settled he was in the custody of a small group of agents in the service to (INSERT SPECTRE NPC)). Realizing they had a gold mine of intel on Cerberus in Egan, they began the long slow process of interrogation and deprogramming. The pair tasked with this were Xantos vas Athame and the lovely Asari Matron; Anesttea Janiis. Over many months Anesttea and Egan grew close and soon the young man had developed what he believed to be deep feeling of love and devotion to the Asari. She did not necessarily rebuff him completely, as she enjoyed their time honing his biotic skills, but she was not nearly as devoted as he was. It was not long after the Reaper War ended that Xantos and Anesttea decided to give Egan a chance to prove himself. He led them to the old Cerberus training facility on the edge of Attican Traverse . While gaining entry to the abandoned facility, Egan tripped a booby trap. As the explosion spread over him, he was thrown to safety by Anesttea’s biotic pull, but while focused on him, she neglected to protect herself and was fatally injured in the blast. Egan blames himself for her death and now seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of the group.


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