Liria Dantius



HIGH CONCEPT: Inexperienced Asari Infiltrator

TROUBLE: Haunted by the Dauntius Family Legacy

Graceful and Exotic Swordmaster

Raised in a Monastery

Mistress of the Hunt


  • SUPERB (+5):
  • GREAT (+4):
  • GOOD (+3): Haste
  • FAIR (+2): Focus, Guile
  • AVERAGE (+1): Flair, Intellect
  • Mediocre (+0): Force



  • Natural biotic (Asari may replace up to 3 different Class Facts with ones from the Adept Class on a 1 for 1 basis)
  • Robust cellular regenerative system (live up to 1000 years)
  • Can see into the Ultra-violet spectrum
  • Mono-gendered species
  • Able to link minds in a limited fashion Telepathically

INFILTRATOR POWER FACTS (-3 Replaced by Natural Biotics)

Weapon & Armor Training: Heavy Pistols, Submachineguns, Sniper Rifles, Light & Medium Armors
  • DISRUPTOR AMMO – When activated, the player’s weapon is empowered by an electric field that causes additional damage to shields. The ammo also deals increased damage to synthetic enemies and adds a chance to temporarily disable them. In addition, the ammo has a chance to overheat enemy weapons thereby disabling them.
  • TACTICAL CLOAK – When activated, it instantly renders the Infiltrator invisible to all enemies until they attack someone. However it also brings shields down, leaving the Infiltrator vulnerable once the cloak wears off.
  • SABOTAGE – Sabotage weapons and hack synthetics. Compromised synthetics (those taken out by the sabotage) fight on your side. Affected weapons overheat.


  • CRYO AMMO – Flash-freeze and shatter unprotected enemies.Slow down the rest. No effect on shields.
  • INCINERATE -It is a high-explosive plasma round fired from the user’s omni-tool that inflicts damage. No effect on shields.
  • STICKY GRENADE – Stick this grenade to your opponent, and the explosion will tear apart the target and shrapnel can damage other enemies caught in the blast.


  • THROW – Throw uses mass effect fields to hurl targets away, damaging them if they hit an object. No effect on shields.
  • PULL – Pull generates a mass-lowering field, which levitates enemies into the air. While aloft, enemies will slowly drift towards the player, allowing any allies or the player to finish them off effortlessly. No effect on shields.
  • BARRIER – Reinforce armor with this biotic field. Detonate the field to lift and dangle nearby targets.



Technique: Exceptional, Situational (Only with Infiltrator powers), Situational (Create Advantage only)

Gain one extra free invoke after successfully Creating Advantage using your infiltrator powers.


Techniques: Focus x2, Situational (When rolling Initiative or Moving over terrain)

The asari gains a +2 to Haste for determining initiative and Overcoming obstacles & terrain.

BIOTIC BARRIER (-1 Refresh):

Device: Exceptional, Demanding x1 (One action), Situational (only if doesn’t take more stress)

A Biotic Barrier must be Overcome with a difficulty of +4 before Stress or Consequences can be applied. To recharge a Biotic Barrier that has been Overcome take a full action and do not suffer any stress for a full exchange. Biotic barriers use mass effect fields to protect a user from damage similar to that of a kinetic barrier, but with some unique characteristics. Warp, Shockwave, and rapid firing weapons are best at bringing down a Biotic Barrier and can be invoked to do so.


ENHANCED CLOAK (-1 Refresh):

Technique: Focus x2, Situational (Only to remain undetected)

Gain a +2 to remain undetected while cloaked. You are a master of remaining unseen.


Technique: Exceptional, Situational (only with success with style and Only in Melee Combat)

On a successful defense with style in melee combat, deal 2 shifts of harm to opponent who attacked.


Device: Harmful 2, Exceptional (increase consequences), Consuming (Fate point for Exceptional feature), Limited (once per scene), Troubling (upkeep)

Harm 2, Exceptional (When an opponent takes a consequence from an attack made by sword, increase the severity of the consequence by one level [if increased above Severe, the opponent is taken out instead], Consuming (Spend a fate point to use the device’s Exceptional feature), Limited (The Exceptional feature can be used once per scene), Troubling (Requires Upkeep): after excessive use, compel this aspect to shut off all of its features, representing the edge wearing down and requiring repair, which requires a special workshop.

Asari huntresses are masters of silent stalking and killing. Many combine blades and biotics, charging forward at mind-bending speeds before swinging their swords with enhanced power. Huntresses are rare, making such swift assassinations necessary for asari military victory.








MEA_Weapon_PistolM3Predator.pngA reliable, accurate sidearm. Manufactured by Elanus Risk Control, the Predator is valued as a powerful, deadly, and relatively inexpensive weapon. While it is not generally deployed in the military, it’s still very popular in the Terminus Systems.


MEA_Weapon_SubmachineGunM4Shuriken.pngA common but effective submachine gun. Fires three-round bursts, and can be pulsed for a higher rate of fire at the expense of accuracy. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers. Manufactured by the Elkoss Combine, the Shuriken Machine Pistol has a reputation for being deadly and easy to use, but is weak against armor.


MFA_Weapon_SniperRifleM97Viper.pngThe Viper is a semi-automatic, rapid-fire sniper rifle manufactured by Rosenkov Materials. Rosenkov developed a patented automated-release system that assists with thermal-clip ejection, shortening the Viper’s reload time. This rifle is popular with military snipers, who appreciate a long-range gun that can snap off multiple shots in the blink of an eye.



For years all Liria knew about her birth and family was that she was born on Omega and sent away by her mother who didn’t even give her family name. Supposedly to protect her. She accepted the name of her foster mother, Suray Kesh and was raised on Lesuss at the secret temple for the Ardat-Yakshi. Suray trained the young Liria ruthlessly in the ways of the Asari Commandos focusing on martial arts, swords and infiltration forging her into a young Huntress of great skill. Yet she was effectively isolated at the temple, not allowed to mingle with the Ardat-Yakshi who had little knowledge of her existence in the isolated mountain retreat where she lived. Despite her great skill she grew up sheltered and inexperienced in the ways of the wider universe.


During the reaper invasion Lesuss was attacked and the Ardat-Yakshi at the temple were corrupted into the horrid Banshees. Suray Kesh ordered her foster daughter to flee into the wilderness while she held the Reaper forces off. Her parting gift was her true mother’s name. Liria never saw her foster mother alive again. For several days she dodged Reaper patrols and hunting parties, extracting what revenge she could on their forces. An asari commando team was sent to the monastery after a few days to assess the danger and destroy the whole compound if it was deemed necessary. Unfortunately, the commandos were slaughtered in an ambush and subsequent running battle and despite her best efforts Liria was unable to save any of them. She did, however, find their shuttle and used it to escape from the planet and the Reapers.


STORY TITLE: The Legacy of Dantius

GUEST STARRING: Morat Ledra, Egan, Septimia Honolius, Xantos vas Athame

When Liria inquired about mother, Dahlia Dantius she didn’t realize the danger she was placing herself in. Her mother had been a slaver and the leader of a band of pirates in the Artemis Tau cluster. Commander Shepherd was tricked by her sister, Nassana Dantius, into killing her in 2185. Nassana, who was a diplomat on the Citadel at the time, was being blackmailed by Dahlia. She had decided to end her sister’s hold on her by eliminating her all together. Years later she, in turn, was killed by the famed assassin, Thane Krios, after she murdered anyone who might threaten her reputation, including all the workers at her company.

Liria was appalled to have come from such a legacy of murder and terror. Her grandmother, Aleena Dantius turned out to be just as cruel and ruthless as her daughters. When she learned that the daughter of her infamous Dahlia was alive she sent assassins to deal with the threat. After all, she couldn’t have anyone tarnish the Dantius name any more. It did not help that Liria was a “pureblood”. She was the offspring of two Asari which is frowned upon in Asari culture. Her grandmother revealed that Suray Kesh was her other mother and she had taken Liria into hiding after her birth when she realized that Dahlia and her family were a threat to the young child. Liria was completely shocked by this news and was nearly killed while distracted. Only the intervention of the Specter, Morat Ledra saved her.

The Specter helped Liria deal with her assailants and recognized in her a great talent. He worked with her to infiltrate her grandmother’s organization and was able to bring Aleena’s foul business practices (slavery, and experimenting on sentients) to light. Aleena was able to stay out of jail through influence peddling and sacrificing some of her key employees, blaming it all on them. She has sworn to make her granddaughter and the Specter pay for sullying the family name and costing her so much money.

Liria has since joined Morat and the crew of the Athame and is dedicated to finding out who was behind the Specter’s death. And if it was her grandmother she is determined to bring her to justice.

Liria Dantius

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