Septimia Honolius

Turian War Hero



HIGH CONCEPT: Grizzled Turian Veteran

TROUBLE: Post Traumatic Stress

Who wants to Live Forever?

Family, Duty, Honor


  • SUPERB (+5):
  • GREAT (+4):
  • GOOD (+3): Focus
  • FAIR (+2): Haste, Force
  • AVERAGE (+1): Guile, Intellect
  • MEDIOCRE (+0): Flair



  • Metal Carapace that is Resistant to Radiation
  • Keen Eyesight
  • Dedicated to Service
  • Dextro Amino Acids
  • Claws


Weapon & Armor Training: Heavy Pistols, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor
  • ADRENALINE RUSH – Be the fastest fighter on the battlefield. Time seems to slow down, allowing time to line up the perfect shot.
  • CONCUSSIVE SHOT – When activated, the user’s weapon fires a single high-powered round that damages a target and can stun it for a few seconds. Effective against barriers but not shields.
  • FRAG GRENADE – Rip your enemies apart with this shrapnel-packed grenade.
  • INCENDIARY AMMO –When activated, the user’s weapon causes fire damage to enemies, burning through armor and setting them on fire. It can cause unprotected sentient organic enemies to panic.No effect on shields.
  • DISRUPTOR AMMO– When activated, the player’s weapon is empowered by an electric field that causes additional damage to shields. The ammo also deals increased damage to synthetic enemies and adds a chance to temporarily disable them. In addition, the ammo has a chance to overheat enemy weapons thereby disabling them.
  • CRYO AMMO – Flash-freeze and shatter unprotected enemies.Slow down the rest.No effect on shields.



Technique: Exceptional, Situational (Only with combat powers), Situational (Create Advantage only)

Gain one extra free invoke after successfully Creating Advantage using your combat powers.


Flexible, Situational (only against gunfire)

Turians simply aren’t prone to fear. While Intimidation efforts against them might provoke other emotions, they rarely scare them; this is a source of great strength for them in dangerous situations and allows them to act with precision when others would be frozen in terror. They always seem to be in a safe spot without moving in any obvious way. When engaged in gun combat, turians may use Focus as their combat skill when defending, moving, or taking cover as long as they merely saunter—no sprints allowed. To the outside world, it appears that they are simply staying put, unfazed as gunfire and other attacks miss them by scant inches.


Technique: Protective x1, Effort (Fair Focus roll +2 per use), Situational (only against physical damage)

Gain Armor 1 against physical damage (no biotics or Tech energy attacks). Requires a Focus +2 roll each time it is used.

Your endorphins block out pain and trauma in addition to speeding your reaction time. Health damage is reduced for the power’s duration.


PHAESTON (-1 Refresh)

Device: Harm +1, Focus +2, Situational (only to Overcome Shields), Demanding (Haste Overcome +2 to reload)

MFA_Weapon_AssaultRiflePhaeston.pngBecause of its rapid firing rate it provides a +2 to Overcome a target’s Shields. Must make a Haste Overcome roll to reload after Overcome attempt. When attacking they do +1 Stress on a hit.

Named after a turian spirit of creation, the Phaeston was engineered to provide the best possible balance between accuracy and firepower in a machine gun. Each shot is tempered by kickback dampeners inside the shoulder stock, which lets the Phaeston pack more punch than other weapons its size without sacrificing precision. Its fully automatic fire and relatively light weight has turned the Phaeston into the turian infantry’s primary go-to weapon.


Device: Focus +2, Situational (unshielded targets)

Shoot and your enemies will burst into flames. Gain a +2 to Create an Advantage like “On Fire” or “Burning” on an unshielded target.

MEDIUM ARMOR (-1 Refresh)

Device: Protection x1, Sturdy x2, Demanding x1 (Repair Overcome +2), Demanding x2 (Time: One Scene) / Exceptional, Demanding x1 (One action), Situational (only if doesn’t take more stress)

Medium armor offers an increased level of protection, but also increases the movement penalties that affect weapon accuracy. It reduces damage by 1 and provides 2 Stress boxes to absorb damage with. If the stress boxes are full then the armor no longer provides Protection until it is repaired with the proper tools and facility with a Fair +2 Overcome roll taking a full scene to complete. It provides kinetic shields that must be Overcome with a difficulty of +4 before Stress or Consequences can be applied. Overload, Disruptor Ammo, and rapid firing weapons are best at bringing down shields and can be invoked to do so. To recharge shields take a full action and do not take any stress for an exchange.




STRESS (6) 000000

MODERATE: Broken Ribs (-4)



Septimia was a rebellious child. Unwilling to bow to the authority of her older sister’s parental authority while their father was mostly absent; tending to his military career and duties. At age 9, fed up with what she perceived to be neglect, Septimia ran away and spent nearly 6 months on the streets. After her father’s security detail finally tracked her down, she was nearly starved to death. He arranged for her to be housed on base with him, a perk only available to a newly minted Base Administrator. It was here Septimia was first exposed to actual military discipline. She took to like a fish to water. As soon as she was old enough she was enrolled as a General Infantry private, bright eyed and ready to prove herself. Little did she know she would be given the opportunity more than she’d might prefer.


Septimia spent her first four years in the Turian military as a forward scout, mostly doing reconaiscance on joint operations with Citadel forces against Batarian raiders. On her rotation back to Turian space she decide to re-up for another tour. Scant days later, the Reapers descended onto Palaven and she was thrust into the front line fighting. She still says she remembers little from that time but her war record is clear. Private Honolius participated in no less than 4 major engagements against the invaders. In the first she was the sole survivor of her unit. She was then transferred to an elite battalion tasked with holding an important flank. In the next engagement she single-handedly held the line against overwhelming odds, taking a savage scar across her left eye. Two brutes were laid low by her concentrated fire and she was awarded several honors. After her next engagement she began to lose touch with reality, falling into deep depression, as everyone she served beside eventually was wiped out. At this point her despair was so deep she no longer cared for anything but inflicting the most pain she could upon the careless Reaper threat. In command of her own unit, she threw herself and her men against their lines. Her men suffered brutal casualties, while she herself was nearly crippled by a severe back injury. She was finally medevacced offworld and woke nearly 3 months later in a jury-rigged hospital on the Citadel. The war was over, her world was a fiery ruin, her father killed and her sister nowhere to be found. She was surprised to find herself heaped with praise and medals she felt she did not deserve. She had gotten most of her men killed. Why should she live to be a hero. Reluctantly she accepted a post as the Turian military attache to the Citadel Council.

Guest Star


While drowning in her cups at a Citadel dive bar, Septimia found herself embroiled in three way bar fight between the young upstart Egan and it was she who pulled the homicidal Batarian off the raging young man and delivered him to Citadel security. While giving her statement she was taken aside by Morat Ledra and she explained what had happened. Intriguied by her military record and Septimia’s willingness to protect the young man-despite the racial abuse he flung at every single alien within hearing distance-he decided to give Septimia a chance to be useful once again. It wasn’t long before he had pulled strings with the Council and had her re-assigned to his unit. After Morat Ledra and Anesttea Janiis were killed on mission, Septimia has reluctantly taken on the role of leader for the group.

Septimia Honolius

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