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This character creation was inspired by the work of ROLL FOR YOUR FATE BLOG with modification by HumAnnoyd.


Each class lists the weapon and armor training the character has received giving them access to the listed equipment. They are considered to possess the weapons and armor listed and can consider them part of their Power Facts. However, the Weapons and Armor stunts listed below indicate a greater level of skill and training with said items providing the character increased effectiveness. This list is far from exhaustive and variations are certainly possible. The Tech Talent, Combat Mastery and Biotic stunts are also not exhaustive and are meant to provide some examples. These items were created using the Asset rules in Jadepunk on page 44.

The Reaper War, while short, devastated much of the galaxy. Humanity faced the full fury of the Reapers and over two thirds of its fleet was decimated along with half of its population. The Turians did not fare much better, although their fleet losses weren’t as extensive, yet Palaven burned. Only the Krogan’s intervention saved the most powerful military in the galaxy from total destruction.

Thesia’s beauty and graceful architecture was brought low as the Reapers destroyed whole cities and the Asari defenses were overwhelmed by hordes of Cannibals and Husks.

The Reaper Invasion began in the middle of the Batarian Hegemony and their homeworld of Khar’shan was completely destroyed. The Batarians were almost completely massacred or indoctrinated with only a few million of their once proud species left alive today.

Despite starting a war with them just before the Reapers invaded and driving them into the Reaper’s arms the Quarians and Geth are now at peace and are rebuilding their home planet of Rannoch. Both the Migrant Fleet and the Geth forces suffered devastating losses in the final battle over Earth.

The Geth only just managed to survive the wave of destruction from the Crucible that eradicated the Reapers and targeted all synthetic lifeforms. It is a mystery how they managed it. Some say it was because of incredible foresight on their part.
Several Geth had been part of the construction of the Crucible, the weapon that destroyed the Reapers through the mass effect relays. Realizing that the incredible weapon could be their doom the Geth prepared a subroutine that would shut their critical systems down when the Crucible was activated and theoretically shield them from the Reaper’s fate. Some experts say that that simply would not work. Yet the Geth are not extinct.

A majority of the Geth were killed when the Crucible was fired. But perhaps some of them had simply evolved beyond the “Old Machines” by achieving true individuality and therefore weren’t as susceptible to the destruction caused by the Crucible. It is a mystery that will occupy philosophers and scientists for decades to come. Ironically those geth who uploaded themselves into Quarian suits to help boost their immune systems, and allow the Creators to eventually live without them were sheltered from the blast even further. All who uploaded themselves into Quarian suits were among the survivors.



Each region listed below has a brief history of what happened after the Reaper War, what Aspects are in effect as well as a listing of the currently functional Mass Effect relays.


MEA_LogPicsPC2_MoratLedra.png Morat Ledra was a well known Specter serving the council for the last 10 years with distinction. Morat was wise, kind and known for having an unmatched intellect and a penchant for taking in strays. He forged the player characters into a team to support him on his missions and the crew of the Athame became more than just comrades. They became family. A family that is mourning the loss of the wise Morat who perished recently during a mission against Cerberus.

Gardiah Jue
Liria Dantius


The Athame is an ancient Asari Courier ship that has been repurposed by the Quarians into a fast scout and light freighter. It is currently captained by Xantos vas Athame who installed a Geth AI that calls itself Magellan as the ship’s computer. The mysterious vessel has ancient tech that includes amazingly efficient FTL drives that are far faster than most common drives in the galaxy. Because of this the Salarian Specter Morat Ledra recruited Xantos and Magellan and they ferried his team throughout the galaxy working closely to counter many threats to the Citadel Council and the galactic community at large.


Weapons: +0 Maneuver: +3 Systems: +2
Shields: +1 Size: +4 Stress:0000

ASPECTS (3 Refresh)




Device: Focus +2, Situational (ECM and ECCM)
The Geth, Magellan occupies the Athame’s computer banks and provides invaluable technical assistance. Gain a +2 with Systems to lock on to a target with the Athame’s Sensors or to prevent lock on by other ships.


MILD (Shields):

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